The 5 Most Common Drainage Questions


We experience a lot of situations and problems in our field. After many years of experience, we have been asked a lot of questions. So we’ve put together a list of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Here are some of the most common ones:


1.                   Can you show me how to clean a drain?

Over time, drains will build up residual scum and debris. If you are having issues with your sink smelling, then check out our blog post about sink cleaning. However if it’s a blockage you’re concerned about, then see our sink unblocking guide. You should be able to clean your drains with hot water, vinegar, baking soda and a plunger. If, after trying the steps from our guides, your sink is still blocked, give us a call for more advice.

2.                   My sink is making noises and draining slowly. What’s happening?

If you can hear a gurgling sound at a sink or shower drain when a nearby toilet is flushed, or at a sink or shower when a bath tub is draining, it’s likely there’s an issue with the drain-vent system. When water is slow draining it usually means the drain line is partially blocked. It could be from food debris building up in a kitchen drain or it could be from outside sources like leaves/branches. If you try to use a plunger on the drain and it doesn’t unblock, get in contact with us.

3.                   What happens if you can’t unblock my drain?

Generally, most blockages will be able to be cleared. However, in some cases, a drain cannot be unblocked because the damage is too extensive and urgent replacement is needed. Otherwise, it may be that the blockage is too dense for our equipment to cut through (e.g. a cluster of dense tree roots). A CCTV inspection will help determine the best course of action.

4.                   Is this issue a private or council problem?

If you rent a house then it is up to the landlord/agency to take responsibility. Check with your local council to see who is responsible for the drainage issue. In most cases it is considered a private drain line up to where the line connects with the public system. However, it’s always best to check before you go ahead with any repairs. It may be the case that both private and public lines are damaged. You can read more about wastewater networks from Watercare here.

5.                   Should I use drain cleaner chemicals to clear my blockage?

We do not recommend using chemical drain cleaners due to their harsh nature. Many commercial drain cleaners have high toxicity levels and give off dangerous fumes that can irritate your nose and eyes. Hydrochloric acid is one of the main ingredients, which can erode your pipes and damage surfaces. The chemicals are bad for the environment and they are not guaranteed to work. So check out our cleaning guides, and if nothing else works give us a call – or you could do more damage than good.


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