Preparing your Storm Water Drains for Winter
















With all the cyclones that have hit New Zealand lately it would be silly not to prepare your home for the nasty weather. From insulation to heating and drying, there is a lot to do to make your home ready for the winter.

One winter proofing task that is often overlooked is preparing your storm water drains, including clearing your gutters of plant debris. Instead of waking up to a huge mess and blocked drains, follow these simple steps to ensure your home drainage system stays protected this winter.
















  • Cut back over hanging branches near your gutters and storm water drain.
  • Keep bushes and plants well maintained so they don’t build up plant debris.
  • Avoid planting invasive rooting plants like magnolias and willow trees.















  • Clear away any plant debris that may be on the drain already. Sweep or leaf blow away the debris into a gardening bag or back into the garden away from drains.
  • Wash away any mud or sediments on and around the drain so it doesn’t solidify in the drain lines.
  • Use sand bags to stop debris from washing across your driveway and into the drains.
  • Ensure your gutters are clear and that water runs away from the house to avoid leaks or pooling.

Plant matter, sticks, mud, sediment and insects can all contribute to blocked storm water drains. By following these precautionary measures your storm water drains will stay clear and you won’t have to get the drains professionally unblocked. 

It is also a good idea to have your drains scheduled for maintenance once or twice a year so you can prevent any issues from arising. Don’t ignore blocked storm water drains as this can lead to substantial flooding and water damage to your property. Always call a professional instead of trying some quick fix that could cause more damage.

If your drains are already blocked, you can check out our drain unblocking services. We can also perform a CCTV drain inspection on any storm water drains you think may be blocked – a member of our team will come out to examine the situation and recommend next steps. Contact us today to discuss a solution for your drainage problems.