Underground Finds: Things Found in Drains

At Drainage TV, we attend to a number of call outs, and when our team gets to inspecting it’s no surprise to us when we find a number of unusual items. From rabbits to skinks to your mischievous pet cat, you’d be amazed by some of our more interesting finds. Check out some of the most unusual things we have found in drains.

Children’s Toys

When we conduct a drainage inspection, we frequently discover toys – from toy dolls, to toy cars, to large Lego blocks. We’re not sure if kids are playing by drains or if they just enjoy flushing items down the toilet, but if you’re wondering where your kid’s toys keep disappearing, you may want to check your drains! 


From socks to underwear, we find all kinds of clothing items in drains. Clothing items that end up in drains can easily get caught on things and create blockages. We’re never sure how people end up losing clothing items in the drain, but if you do accidently lose clothing items in the drain, we definitely recommend getting in touch with us. 

Neighbourhood Cats

Cats love to wander around all kinds of places in neighbourhoods. Not only do they love climbing up trees and buildings but they also love to explore drains. When we’re out inspecting drains, our CCTV cameras are often welcomed by the neighbourhood cat. We also receive calls from people who hear cats meowing from drains. Our team have helped rescue and return many lost cats to their homes.

A Lot of Phones

Electronics are another one of those things that we find in drains. It seems as though more people are using their phones on the toilet, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we are finding more iPhones and Samsung phones in drains. It’s a good thing that more smartphones are starting to become waterproof!


Diamond rings are one of the most common pieces of jewellery that get lost in drains. Rings are often dropped in sinks or accidentally flushed down toilets. Looking for lost jewellery can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but for most people, there’s no other alternative. With the amount of jewellery we accidentally find, we’re very curious about the total cost of jewellery that is lost to drains every year. 

As you can imagine, we have inspected a fair number of drains over the years and seen some crazy things. What surprises us the most is the size of some of the items that we find in drains! At least being based in New Zealand means that we end up avoiding some of the more interesting things that are found overseas. We’ve seen pictures of all kinds of reptiles found in drains, and we’re glad we haven’t had the pleasure of having to deal with them.

If you’ve lost any items in the drain and require a CCTV drain inspection, contact the Drainage TV crew today by calling 09 392 7789.