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Got a question, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or feel free to contact our staff on (09) 392 7789

Feel free to contact our team, if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your CCTV Inspection.


Q. I have accepted your quote, what happens now?

A. Your booking will be placed in our booking system at the next available day and time. Alternatively, you can place the booking in our system, click on the following link below



Q. What is Web Access?

A. Web Access is a secure login which you login via our website, this allows you to view your DVD and Log Sheet, it is a great option if you have a number of different people wanting to view the results, eg architect, engineer, council.  Contact us if you would like to add this to your inspection.  A small fee applies.


Q. I have been asked to get Neighbours consent why?

A. We ask clients to get neighbours consent to speed up the process, if we arrive on site and the neighbour is not home, we cannot access their property without their consent.  A lot of the time, clients know there neighbours and they are happier having contact from the client then a contractor.


Q. I don’t want to deal with the neighbour, what happens now?

A. Please advise us, and we attempt to make contact with the neighbour, if they are not home we will leave a calling card.  Please note return to site fees will apply each time we drive to site.




Q. How long does the inspection take?

A. This is dependable on how many lines and the length of lines, standard inspections are around approx. 1-2 hours. 


Q. Do I need to be home for the inspection

A. We don’t require anyone at home as we only need to access the outside of the property.  We do need dogs secure if they are on site. If you wish to be home during the inspection, please contact our office 09 392 7789 and we will make a suitable booking time and day with you.


Q. Your operator has been to site and placed pegs or dazzle marks what are these for?

A.  This is the location of your drain, we recommend you organise your surveyor to come in 24-48 hours after us to survey the pipe, in case pegs are removed or dazzle washes away.


Q. I have been advised the CCTV Inspection is not complete due to a blockage, what happens now?

A. For Public lines, we will advise either Council or Watercare depending on the line type, once they have cleared the blockage we will return to site.  There is no charge from them to clear the line.





Q. My CCTV Inspection is complete what happens now?

A. Your CCTV footage is reviewed by our in house auditor and all paperwork is completed.  Once this is done you will receive an email from us confirming your CCTV Inspection is now completed.  With a copy of our invoice for payment.

Q. How long does it take to get the DVD and Log Sheet?

A. DVD and Log Sheet are generally available 24-48 hours after the job is complete, it can be slightly longer on jobs with 5 or more lines.  If you are not an account holder, payment is required prior to us sending the information.


Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes, half way down our invoice there is a pay online link, click on this and it will take you through to credit card payments


Q. What other payment methods do you have?

A. We accept cash (please ensure you bring the exact amount as we don’t carry change in our office) Chq or Bank Transfer. 


Q. How is the DVD sent?

A. All our DVD’s are sent via Courier Post, once the DVD has been sent your will receive an email advising you of the tracking number


Q. I need the DVD urgently?

A. You can collect from our office in East Tamaki or contact our office and we can provide you with Sub60 same day rates.


Q. Can you email the footage?

A. No, unfortunately the file size is too large to email, we can email the log sheet if required.


Q. What happens if I lose my DVD?

A. We hold a copy of every inspection we have completed, a replacement DVD can be produced for $20.00 plus GST