CCTV Drain Cameras & The Benefits of Drain Cameras

Damage to your drains often means costly and unexpected repairs. But with CCTV video inspection technology, you can easily locate and identify the source of the issue first, saving you from hefty plumber or drainlayer fees. No matter what the issue is with your drain, Drainage TV Ltd can identify its cause and the exact location of any blockages.

Drains become blocked for a wide variety of reasons. Identifying the cause of the issue is essential before any work is conducted, which is one of the biggest challenges (and costs) for plumbers or drain layers. These costs get passed on to you, their customer.

Drainage TV Ltd uses CCTV video inspection technology to identify the structural condition of your drains and confirm the source of the issue prior to the commencement of plumbing or drainage work, saving you time and money. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with an accurate diagnostic report and footage, including recommendations for repairs or replacing of your drain or pipeline.

The video inspection process is simple and quick, giving you a window into the insides of your drains. To survey the interior condition of the drain, we place a high-tech CCTV drainage camera into a designated storm water or sewer drainage pipeline. With CCTV technology, you can rest assured that no crack or minor pipe defect goes unseen. Drainage TV Ltd locates the issues first, before digging begins.

Our specialised CCTV units provide our customers with a comprehensive report and DVD footage of the drain inspection – ensuring that your plumbing, private household, council or public drain inspections are always accurate and within budget.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you become more cost effective and efficient with your drainage assessments using CCTV video inspection technology.