Works Over Inspection

If you're building over or near drainage lines we can provide an in-depth CCTV drain survey.

A works over inspection is a process in which a CCTV Operator inspects the interior of a drain to determine its condition and location of it. This typically involves the use of specialist equipment such as CCTV cameras, which are inserted into the pipe in order to identify any issues. The inspection also includes looking for any damage to the pipe or any potential causes of blockage such as tree roots, collapsed pipes, or foreign objects. 

We can offer you:

  • CCTV Footage
  • Condition Log Sheet, including detail of the condition of the line.
  • As-built drawing.

We can even locate and mark out drains on the site.

Works Over Reports from Drainage TV Ltd comply with all council and Watercare standards.

We are the specialists in CCTV Inspections.

All documentation will be provided via a Dropbox link.

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