CCTV Inspections

Drainage TV is fully equipped to carry out your CCTV drainage surveys. CCTV Drain Inspections are used for a variety of reasons, from identifying the location of your drains and checking the condition of drains to providing the required information for your building consent.


We have the camera technology to provide the clear pictures you need. We can get a clear image of the smallest drainage locations with a 25 to 75mm colour camera with LCD lighting. Our mainline tractor cameras are used for inspecting council drains 100mm and upwards. Whether you're building, renovating, installing a new drain, there’s a blockage or any other issue, we have a range of high-tech cameras to survey the problem.

CCTV Drain Inspection


The versatility of our inspection concept, range of camera sizes and variety of mobility units enables inspections to be carried out almost everywhere. We provide services to both residential and commercial clients seeking CCTV drainage inspection services. When you're building over or near drainage lines, we can provide a comprehensive Works Over Report that adheres to Watercare and all council requirements.  If you wish to carry out any construction or excavation work near or over Watercare or Council assets, you will require their approval. An assortment of information needs to be provided for approval:

  • Site plan showing proposed development in relation to water and wastewater assets. 
  • Plan showing details of proposed building foundations in relation to water and wastewater assets. 
  • Plan showing how one intends to protect Watercare or Council assets. This plan must show the vertical and horizontal clearances of the structure from any water and wastewater pipes and manholes. 
  • A pre-construction CCTV drain inspection video and report showing the condition of the public wastewater pipe. 
  • The correct legal property address of the site (as allocated by your Council).

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