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There aren’t many women in the drainage industry. But for the past 17 years, since Drainage TV Ltd was established in Auckland. Managing Director Sallie Norman has been at the forefront of the business. 


Sallie set out with a vision of offering a high-quality service. “To become known as an honest and reliable company providing a good product I have developed online systems that allow clients to view and accept quotes and to make payments, as well as accessing their inspection reports and video footage. We maintain excellent communication trails and all our responses to clients are timely and comprehensive. Making the process easy has always been my aim. These things set us apart.” 


Although the staff of Drainage TV Ltd don’t have to have trade qualifications, they all do, They are registered drainlayers and qualified CCTV operators. This is part of the company’s emphasis on quality.


Their equipment too has been a major factor in them being able to attend to drainage inspection jobs on time and in difficult terrain. “Our camera systems are fully portable. This means we can easily access manholes wherever they may be – in a backyard or down a gully - and it’s so much more cost effective for clients. The versatility of our inspection concept and range of camera sizes and mobility units enables inspections to be carried out almost everywhere. We can even fly the units to locations. Recently we’ve been to Great Barrier Island with our cameras, so there really are very few jobs that we are not able to tackle.”


CCTV drainage inspection is the company’s speciality and they carry out the work for a range of clients from surveyors and architects, to housing companies, home buyers, builders and drainlayers.  New drains require inspection to determine if they are compliant with regulations and correctly laid, while clients may need to ascertain the condition and location of existing drains.


“We have achieved a great deal in the past 16 years, but we are always striving to do better and looking to the future. – but making sure we are No 1 in Auckland is our current priority.” 


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Sallie Norman

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