Drain Unblocking

Drainage issues are not the kind of thing that can wait. We are able to service all types of blockages, we have the latest in hydro jetting machines, to unblock all types of drains including, Household drains, Gully traps, and Manholes.

There are many different types of drain blockages, ranging from the more common forms such as hair and soap scum to more serious blockages caused by tree roots or foreign objects. Hair is the most common type of blockage, as it tends to accumulate in the pipes over time. Soap scum can also build up inside pipes, causing a blockage. Tree roots can also cause a blockage, as they may grow into the pipes and cause them to become blocked. Foreign objects such as toys or other items may also become lodged in the pipes and cause a blockage. In any case. 

Fat Blockages

A fat blockage in a drain is a common problem that occurs when fats, oils, and grease are poured down the sink. Fat builds up over time and eventually forms a thick, solid mass t blocks the flow of water. This type of blockage can be difficult to remove as it adheres to the sides of the pipes and can be hard to break apart. It is important to take steps to prevent fat blockages in drains, such as not pouring fat down the sink and regularly cleaning out drains with hot water or detergent.  Our team is fully equipped to deal with any fat blockages.

Root Blockages

A root blockage in a drain is a blockage caused by tree roots growing into and clogging the pipes. Tree roots are attracted to moisture and can grow through small cracks in the pipe, eventually causing a full blockage. This type of blockage can be difficult to clear as it requires specialised equipment and techniques to remove the roots without damaging the pipe. Root blockages can cause significant damage if left untreated, so it is important to have them cleared as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance

Drain unblocking can be a highly beneficial process, as it can help to prevent further damage to the drainage system. Removing blockages, such as leaves, dirt, and other debris can help to ensure that water is able to flow freely through the pipes. This can help to reduce the risk of flooding and water damage in homes and businesses. In addition, unblocking drains can also reduce unpleasant odours coming from blocked pipes. 

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