Watercare Works Over Report

Have you purchased a new property or are you about to undertake construction or excavations, but it is near or over stormwater or sewer lines?

The Auckland City Council requires you to provide a Works Over Approval with CCTV Drain/ Sewer Report for all work done around Watercare assets & without the approval building consent will not be issued by your local council. With Drainage TV advanced technology we can help you can get the approval you need efficiently & cost effectively. Here’s how.

What is Works Over?

A Works Over is any activity being carried out over or in the vicinity of a public water or wastewater pipe.  Any construction work or excavations close to or over Watercare wastewater or sewer drainage lines requires their approval.

Watercare will not, however, give permission to build over a water main or wastewater pressure pipe; instead, your pipes will need to be relocated (at costs to you) and approved before starting the relocation.

When Is A Works Over Approval Required?

Visit and review the Watercare website GIS map to identify if stormwater or sewer lines are located near or below where your construction or excavation is to take place. The water mains are colour coded blue, wastewater mains are colour coded red and stormwater mains (managed by Auckland Council) are colour coded green.

Want to know more about whether you need Works Over permission if you are intending to build? Visit the Watercare website to learn more.

What Is Required for a Works Over Approval?

A Works Over Approval will need:

  • A site plan showing your proposal
  • A plan showing where in relation to sewerage and water lines your foundations will be located & how you plan to protect the Watercare lines
  • A CCTV report and video showing the conditions of the wastewater pipe
  • The legal property address (as allocated by Auckland Council)

Drainage TV Ltd is a certified Watercare CCTV  services provider, so our Works Over Reports comply with all Council standards, and all our operators are fully qualified.

With our extensive report experience and advanced technology, Drainage TV provides you with an in-depth CCTV drain survey that includes

  • Footage
  • A Log Sheet (including detail of the line condition)
  • An as-built drawing

We can also locate and mark out drains on the site (if required).

How Long Will Works Over Approval Take?

Currently, the Works Over Approval processing time is five working days (provided that you have submitted all required information in your application and have paid the service fees).

So in summary, if you are considering building, renovation or other work on your property you may require a report and CCTV footage of the drains beneath. Contact us today if you need to know more about Works Over applications and our CCTV reports or inspections.


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