6 Reasons for your Drain Blockage

Many people underestimate the maintenance that is required for your home drains. Being knowledgeable about how your toilet and drainage system works means you can prevent common problems from appearing. Drain blockages are caused by a number of reasons, but being aware of what those causes are and how to stop them from happening means you’ll be calling the plumber far less often. 

Causes for drain blockages:

  1. Sanitary & Hygiene Items – Ever been into a public toilet and found that it’s out of order? It’s probably because someone flushed feminine products down it. These items, dental floss, cotton pads, baby wipes and cotton buds can all seriously block up your drainage system. The simplest fix is to never put them into your toilet or sink and bin them instead.
  2. Hair – We all see it in the bottom of our shower and just ignore it hoping the next person will clean it. Hair stuck in drains is usually really easy to fix, just by pulling out the small amounts after you take a shower. So to avoid a build up, clean up after your showers; grab some gloves or a small rod and take the hair out.
  3. Grease – This one is super common. We’re all guilty of just washing away fats/oils down the sink when doing the dishes. The problem with doing this is that the grease builds up over time and before you know it the pipe is blocked up. The best way to prevent it from happening is to discard the greasy substances with your rubbish. You can also use a drain cleaner liquid to maintain your sink.
  4. Tough Food Scraps – Garbage disposal systems are not invincible and will break/block if you don’t pay attention to what you put it in. No one wants to stick their hand in one to clean it either. Things to definitiviely avoid are: bones, celery, asparagus, egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit seeds/pits, potato skins and pasta.
  5. Tree Roots – The main pipeline for your sewage probably runs under grass in your front or back yard. If you have trees and bushes on your property it’s possible for these roots to break through, growing around and inside of the pipes. A specialist Drainage TV team member can perform a CCTV drain inspection on your current home. New home buyers can also get a drain survey.
  6. Plant Debris – Leaves and branches are everywhere in autumn and winter. So keep on top of that outdoor maintenance by keeping gutters clear and clearing excess plant matter around drains. You should also avoid planting clogging plants like willow trees and magnolias.


So now that you know what the main causes of drain blockages are, you can easily avoid them. With simple maintenance and by not disposing problematic items down your drains, you should be problem free for a long time. However, if your drains are already blocked you can check out our drain unblocking services or contact us today to discuss a solution for your drainage problems.