Why First-Time Home Buyers Need A Drain Survey

Home surveys can range from basic to structural, on a sliding scale of charges. Generally most people will choose the cheapest option their mortgage lender will accept. However, what many people don’t realise is that the more the survey includes, the less likely they are to have issues in the years to come. Plumbing checks are usually included in a report, but are the drains being surveyed too?

Drains are often overlooked by home buyers because they can’t be seen. It is a mistake many first-time home buyers make. Property surveyors and home buyers should be ensuring a properly functioning drainage system. By getting a CCTV drain inspection, property buyers can prevent unpredictable and expensive drainage repairs in the future. You also keep your home healthy, comfortable and safe for many years to come.

A CCTV drain survey reveals problems such as drain blockages, collapses, fractures and root obstructions. The last thing you need when purchasing a new property is having to repair these pricey problems. Drainage TV Ltd complies with all council standards, and all of our operators are fully qualified. We have experience providing reports and information to architects, engineers, surveyors and the council.

The domestic CCTV camera records colour images, has a sonar location device and includes self-levelling capability. This makes it perfect for inspecting private drainages, mapping the drain layout and inspecting water tanks.

By using CCTV drain cameras you can avoid the need to hire plumbers and drainlayers in the initial years of living in your new home. Your drain survey will include an accurate diagnostic report and camera footage, as well as our repair and/or replacement recommendations for the property drains and pipelines.

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